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Setting New Paradigms: Eaton Business School

There are new paradigms being set in the education industry worldwide. Technology is ever so opening new vistas and pushing the boundaries of what is possible – remotely. People’s mindset is also changing with the changing times, standards, and opportunities. Distance and location are no longer inhibiting factors. Internet, telecommunications, and multi-media are making the world come closer and learn better.

Executive Education

Eaton Business School ( (EBS) is an online executive education provider with offices in U.K, U.A.E, India, and Singapore. This world class institution is a pioneer in providing flexible executive education to professionals from more than 81 countries through its Live Interactive virtual classrooms. EBS offers Executive MBA and Diploma programmes in the field of management that are becoming quite popular with working professionals. Senior professionals and entrepreneurs are opting for EBS courses for upgrading their knowledge base, for career progression, and for immigration purposes.


The learner profile at Eaton Business School is working executives with an average age of 33 years, having an average of 8 years’ work experience. More than a quarter of the student populace are decision makers helming the affairs of the organization they work for. The flexibility of the learning platform and the peer learning opportunities enriches the learning journey of the executives. They can not only collaborate and participate in the scheduled weekly live sessions from the comfort of their homes, but the recording of each session also helps the busy executives across different time zones not to miss any of the sessions. Eaton Business School is setting up new standards by attracting extraordinarily successful business managers and senior corporate executives to their courses that are globally recognised. The interactive sessions, case studies, and business case-based assignments make the learning journey interesting and relevant for the learners.

Virtual Classrooms

The virtual classrooms of EBS are melting pots of extraordinarily successful professional and business executives belonging to different nationalities and having experiences of varied markets sharing their outlook and learnings with the facilitators and their peer group. The result is that everyone learns so much more. Globalisations has opened doors of innumerable opportunities but at the same time managers globally feel perplexed with the fact that there are no formulae that can be applied in different situations and different markets. EBS provides a platform to learners to widen their worldview and enrich themselves with various possibilities.

Varied Specialisations

The institution offers varied specialisations like Human Resource Management (, Supply Chain & Logistics Management (, Business Analytics (, Project Management (, and HealthCare Management & Leadership ( EBS programmes give an edge to the students in an extremely competitive corporate world.

The Continent of Opportunities

Africa is the continent of opportunities. EBS has been attracting many learners from South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia. The institution has a team of faculties, administrators, advisors, and other support staff who are multi-cultural by nationalities and in spirit. The quality of teaching and support services is fully augmented with innovative technology and tools. Eaton Business School is now formally launching alumni chapters in 5 different cities of Africa in 2022 to start with. This will provide a networking platform to the learners passing out from the business school. The announcement of the alumni chapters is also a declaration of EBS’s intent to work closely with business organisations in many countries of Africa. Eaton Business School has recently launched another feather in its cap by launching Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). This initiative will add more depth to academic rigour and research work being carried out by its students and professors. This will enable the degrees and research outputs more relevant and applicable to the needs of the corporates in the African continent.

A Great Place to Work

Eaton Business School has recently been certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’ by Great Place to Work Middle East. This will further strengthen the resolve of EBS team to always work harder and smarter to maintain their leadership in the executive education domain.

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