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Every child deserve 5000 shillings as bursary

Ndaragwa Member of parliament Hon. George Gachagua said he will give bursary to people who deserves it through a tranparent process.

Gachagu also applauded the speech and plans by President elect Dr.William Ruto to emphasize on the manifesto.

He said that Ruto has a good plan for this country and as leaders lets supports him.

He also thanked the residents of Ndaragwa constituency for electing him to represent them in the next parliament.

Hon. Gachagua said his first priority for the constituents is to empower his people through bottom up principles as championed by the president elect .

“If we practice bottom up strategy, we will improve the life standards of our communities as well as grow the economy for this country “,he adds

The member of parliament also said even as we go through this transsitional process,he urge Kenyans to keep peace.

Mr.Gachagua was speaking when new elected Kenya Kwanza were hosted by the President elect in Nairobi.

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