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KUSA and KUPA lock horns to impeach current president

President of KUSA Anthony Manyara

Kenya University Student Union President Mr. Anthony Imanyara has hit back to (KUPA) group led by student leader Mr. Jesse serani to stop meddling in KUSA affairs.

Mr.Imanyara was reacting to the move by (KUPA) leader to oust him from his position as the president of Kenya university student Union ,which he say is totally illegal.

Mr.Serani was sworn in by 76 university leadership around Kenya, under the umbrella of Kenya University Presidents Association (KUPA).

The KUPA group is accusing Mr.Imanyara current president of KUSA for abandoning his responsibilities as leaderto engagein politics.

” KUPA blackmailing strategy which is illegal and unfortunate and next time we we tolerate such move anymore,”Imanyara says

He say this is the 17th attempt by this group to try to impeach him without clear procedures.

Mr.Imanyara is in his 5th term which should be ending next year july.

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