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Eritrea: Seminar to Nationals in Khartoum

Eritrean Ambassador to the Republic of Sudan, Mr. Isa Ahmed Isa conducted seminar on 26 August to nationals in Khartoum focusing on the objective situation in the homeland as well as regional developments.

Ambassador Isa called on the nationals to strengthen organization, unity and cooperation as well as participation in the national affairs.

Indicating that the external conspiracies and hostilities have not changed, Ambassador Isa called on the nationals in general and the youth in particular to stay resilient and defy all external attempts to derail the national development programs.

Pointing out that Eritrea is tirelessly working to ensure regional cooperation and engagement, Ambassador Isa expressed readiness of the embassy to stand alongside the communities and national associations in all their endeavors.

Ambassador Isa also said that the Eritrean Embassy is exerting strong effort to ease the challenges that the Eritrean people residing in Sudan are facing.

Expressing the effort undertaken to address the shortcomings in the consular service, Ambassador Isa commended the infrastructure put in place and contribution of staff members with a view to provide timely consular service.

At the event, Ambassador Isa handed over certificates of recognition to those that contributed in the national affairs and holidays.

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