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Sèmè City Accelerating Search for Anglophone Partners to Develop New Education, Research, and Entrepreneurship Projects

The Sèmè City Development Agency (Sèmè City) (, a flagship project of the Government of Benin’s action plan, announced today that it is scaling up its strategic efforts to improve the training and professional integration of youth with a particular focus on Anglophone partners. Potential partners are invited to submit partnership and co-creation proposals covering projects in the areas of training, research, and entrepreneurship by October 31, 2022. This call for proposals is in line with Sèmè City’s commitment to fostering innovation made in Africa to create jobs and wealth in West Africa.

The focus on Anglophone partnerships follows the success of the initial launch in June 2022 of the call for projects targeting mainly Francophone partners.  During this first phase, 11 partnership agreements were signed with French academic institutions and companies in the presence of President Macron in Sèmè City. These partnership agreements cover the implementation of several quality training and professional integration programs that will be deployed from 2022 to meet the training and recruitment needs of sectors facing shortages.

Sèmè City provides an attractive and dynamic environment for various partners to develop high-impact projects. The targeted partners are:  

  • Operators providing higher education and technical and vocational training programs;
  • Incubators and accelerators of entrepreneurial projects;
  • Laboratories, research centers and university chairs;
  • Companies active in the education and innovation ecosystem;
  • Experts in educational engineering and in the creation of high-level training and entrepreneurship programs.

Sèmè City Managing Director, Mme Claude Borna commenting on the call for proposals, stated, “By creating Sèmè City, Benin is developing a unique setup to train a new generation of talent, equip them for the future and promote a growth model based on innovation made in Africa. Since starting our operations in 2017, we have laid the solid foundation to make this vision a reality. The new partnerships we are forging as part of the 2022 call for projects represent a strong commitment to co-construct tomorrow’s African successes today. We expect to see very strong impacts in terms of jobs, products and services recognized as innovative and solutions that can be exported far beyond the continent.”

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