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Badilico launched in Kenya

By Nicholas Manduku

Badilico innovation stakeholders validation launched to enlighten youths from all walks of life.

Speaking during the the launch Badilico CEO Mr.Ngatia Muhoya “Youths have been ignored for so long in Kenya by political leaders,proper measures should be taken and Badilico is a good initiative and i will support it”,.

She added that youths should come out and run political positions and nobody should not call you.

Badilico Initiative will focus on leverage technology to the youths across the country.

Badilico CEO Mr. Ngatia Muhoya said youths have got a reason to believe in leadership and motivate them to contribute to the development of this nation.

Thos attended the event include Karen Ward MCA Hon. Antony Maragu and Maina Karobia UDA Youth Leader .

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