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Kakamega Speaker to rally his county in support to Ward Fund to counties

By Nicholas Manduku

Kakamega Speaker of County Assembly Hon. James Namatsi
has supported the formation of the Ward Development Fund for the counties.

Speaking when he attended the County Assemblies Forum attended by 47 counties Assemblies,he said for devolution to be fully operational that fund is needed.

Hon. James Namatsi says, at the moment devolution is not reaching the common person who voted overwhelmingly,the decision making still stuck at the executive,he wonders.

“If the Ward Fund is realized, we will have taken development to the people”, he says

However, he say more needs to be done,more bills and policy also should be aligned for and that will require good relations between the county executive and County Assemblies to work together in unison.

He criticized the move by the Meru county assembly act during Governor Mwangaza speech ,when they walkout on her,the Speaker said that’s cowardness and it should not happen in a country like Kenya.

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