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First Women Fundis in construction launched in Kenya

By Jeff kizzilah

Ms. Tatu Gatere, Founder and Owner of Women Fundis in Construction, (Buildher)has said that, this is a personal dream and achievement for all women.

Speaking during First Women Fundis in Construction conference held in Nairobi, Ms Tatu said we need collaboration and support to enable women in this sector.

The conference’s theme is ” Lead Yourself, Build Your Network and Champion Inclusivity in the Construction Sector.”

“We need to spearhead and thrive in the construction sector,and this will enable women to bridge the gap in this industry and help,”Ms Tatu says

The programme which started 3years ago, they have trained more that 300 professional women constructors.

The training includes Painters,Plumbers,Artisans among others.

This indeed have expanded openings for many women in the construction industry,she adds.

“If you empower a women you empower a community,lets empower women in construction,”Tatu said.

Some the partners includes; NCA,TVET,Nairobi County ,Global Innovation Fund,GIZ and German Corporation.

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