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By Jeff kizzilah

A family of a mentally challenged woman has called on the government to come to it’s aid and ansure it’s not evicted in it’s rightfull property a house worth 50 million in prime kilimani area.

Speaking to journalists at the home,the mother of the woman Pauline Mukuhi has demonstrated to the media how the house ownership was transferred fraudulently using forged documents by a rogue lawyer Chege Wainaina who was acting as the caretaker of the property.The lawyer took advantage when the woman who suffers from bipolar condition worsened and she was admitted in the hospital.The lawyer sold the property to a company posh holdings which he himself is the director.

According the documents in our possesion,the documents used by lawyer Chege Wainaina were all forged and beared fake signatures.He later moved the sick woman to another rented house for 66k a month from her own mortgaged house of 38 thousand while she was still admitted in hospital a collusion made successful by I&M bank.

The family is at the verge of been evicted by the rogue lawyer who illegally aquired the property and is said to be wealthy and connected to an extent of buying the family lawyers and even the judicial system to have his way.

“Our lives are in danger ” said the mother and the sick daughter who is recovering after been on meditation for long,The family has called on the DCI to ensure they are protected and get their property back.

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