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KFBC and Governor Sakaja battle over music played in public vehicles

By Jeff kizzilah

Kenya Film Commission has said they will send their team officers to monitor what kind of music and videos shown played in the buses.

“We are cautioning vihicle to watch out on what is being played in the buses or else the company will be stopped from operations or face the law to ensure complaice,”KBFC CEO Christopher Wambua

Mr. Wambua has urged parents and guardians to take the responsibility to monitor what their children are watching,or leverage on safety tools and ensure theirs a balance.

He said the board will also ensure licence bares operate within the law.

The film industry has more opportunities that if used well in a professionalized way it will open up for the foreign film agents to come invest in Kenya.

They have developed a program to sensitive the youths as well as parents which will be launched in February next year.

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