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Strathmore University App to identify information and voice signs to the farmers

By Jeff kizzilah

Sauti Jamii is an app created by Strathmore university students to empower local communities to correctly identify livestock syndromes and diseases to get a timely intervention by using Mozilla Kiswahili open voice data.

Mozilla Kiswahili open voice is a technology App that will build a Kiswahili voice that will enable disease manual.

Livestock is a major livelihood in among the EA countries.

When we spoke to the App designers,they said the presence of present signs is important in diagnosis of farms where they conduct proper diagnosis and treatment.

She said that the identification and communication of such signs is gravely and will be important for the marginalizes community due to the challenges of accessing veterinary services.

The program is supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, German corporation and Mozzila App.

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