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Lawyers Protest to end land transaction fraud at Ardhi House

By Nicholas Manduku

The kenya Law Society Of Kenya has come out to protest against lack of delayed of land reforms in the land ministry.

The LSK fraternity has said the illeguralility happening at the land ministry is beyond measure and should be solved with immediate effects for the better of public and Kenyans.

Speaking, when he led the society protest in Nairobi ,the LSK President Edwin Theuri has said they will push government to end irregularities at the Land Ministry, because fraudulents when it comes to who owns some properties,title deeds delays for verifications and open transactions of kenyans properties,he said must end.

“There is a lot of pain, we know of land owners who have passed on because they were waiting for a charge to be registered for the bank to release a loan to enable them access treatment out of the country,” said Mr. Theuri.

Lawyers said there is backlog at the Ministry of Lands has been held over Ksh.100 billion worth of transactions which they hope to clear even as the ministry also fast-tracks the process of digitizing all land records through the Ardhi Sasa platform.

When it was launched in April 2021, the National Land Information Management System popularly known as Ardhi Sasa, was meant to eliminate the long queues at Ardhi House and cases of land fraud.

The implementation of the online platform however lawyers are saying seems to be facing a myriad of challenges if the issues raised so far are anything to go by.

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