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SPLM “Diaspora Chapter Voting Strategy” for 2025 set to be unveiled in Kenya

By Jeff Kizzilah

Mr.Ayuel Malek ,Chairperson Sudan People’s Liberation Movement Diaspora chapter in kenya has confirmed that S.Sudan citizens residing in the neighboring coutries including Kenya and Uganda have the right and will participate in the upcoming general election in 2025.

Speaking today at a Nairobi Hotel, emphasized to the press that the Diaspora Chapter group is going to mobilize all Southern Sudan people across the country.

“We as Southern Sudan have what it takes and we have decided to come together like we have been before to bring peace and participate in voting to elect a unified candidate in the upcoming general election,” He has reitariated.

The ‘Diaspora Chapter Voter Sensitization scheduled to be launched on 21st Jan 2023 in Nairobi,Kenya.

Mr.Ayuel has admitted that its true the Southern Sudan country ahs had lots of the challenges before,but explained that the situation is peaceful and unified leadership under the current administration led by President Salva Kiir.

He said however it will take sometime to gain a full unified natiion but the people of S-Sudan are in the process to regain its full leadership.

Diaspora Chairperson has said that people of Southern Sudan are very peeaceful and democratic community and cannot be identified only through war.

However, he has urged the Africa Union. (AU) to prioritize matters of education at the next month summit which will be held inAddis Ababa in Ethiopia,this he says will allow students in SSudan get access to a better education,which will place them at a better opportunity to get jobs as well as contribute towards development matters in Southern-Sudan.

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