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South Sudan Diaspora Chapter unveiled in Kenya

By Nicholas Manduku

The diaspora chapter is the first initiative which will help South Sudanese to unite before 2025 next election.

SPLM Chapter in Kenya, the country hosted South Sudanese throughout the liberation struggle, and its operations begin immediately.

“We just concluded the swearing-in of the SPLM Chapter’s secretariat, and henceforth all SPLM members are urged to register with the concerned authorities within the chapter to legalize their status.

Mr.Ayuel Malek Chairman of SPLM Diaspora Chapter said he thank all the members who turned up for the event that marked significant progress for our beloved party,he also appreciated the present of a member of the National Liberation Council, Dr. Aldo Ajoudit Deng, and his wise advice to the young, vibrant members.

Mr. Ayuel said that the chairpersons of the syndicate organizations will issue their nominations for their various positions. If you’re interested in working for the party, contact them.

The chapter members will work on mobilization, organize, recruit, and eventually register members across kenya.

Dr. Aldo said this is going to work will active and committed members of the SPLM and will create opportunity including crwation of markets and supporting education to all sudanesse living in Kenya.

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