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ANC MP has urged the government to take CDF seriously

Staff reporter

Hon Fred Ikana,MP for Shinyalu Constituency has reiterated the the need for early disbursement of CDF in his constituency.

The Mp said that its very uncalled for and a disgrace by government takes too long to disburse the fund which is meant to support the students to go to school.

‘If the government is really committed enough to support our children,then that money should be a priority, however there’s projects like hustler funding,children education is a priority, “he said

Shinyalu Mp was speaking to the press,during Mps retreat at the coast,organised by the Kenya Kwanza government.

He said if the Treasury Cabinet is not committed he should resign by yesterday now.

In addition, many families whose their children participated well in the just concluded KCSE and KCPE and don’t have money to take their children to school are still at home.

The National speaker of National Assembly Hon.Moses Wetangula also spoke at the event and further promised to look at the issue with Mps to avoid the delay next time.

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