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Kenya kwanza should resign with immediate effect,Mp Mwingi Central

by Niko Manduku

Member of Parliament for Mwingi Central Hon Gedieon Mulinge has ask government to reisgn because they are not prepared for leadership.

Hon.Mulinge criticised kenya Kwanza government for abandoning kenyans and left them in the hands of paying high taxes in every product in the market,after removal of subsidies introduced by previous regime.

“The government of Kenya Kwanza has nothing to offer kenyans but a waste of time ,they should resign like yesterday and leave others to lead this country,the don’t have the experience” the Mp said.

He said the country is going a through tough times courtesy of bad governance.

He said that the government only depends on public relation but no plans and lack of prioritizingon their agendas.

The Member of parliament was speaking during a retreat organised by government in Mombasa where they were discussing about late CDF allocations to the constituencies.

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