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Govt is responsible for insecurity in West Pokot,MP Kapenguria says

By Staff Reporter

Kapenguria Member of Parliament Hon Samwel Moroto has ask the government to stop inciting the cattle rushlers and provide sustainable development.

He has accused the government for profiling insecurity by sponsoring one community.

Hon. Moroto was speaking to journalists in Mombasa during a long week Induction organised for members of Parliament.

“Marakwet and pokot people are neighbours and brothers not enemies,enmity has come between us because of incitement so if you want to bring peace,youmust bring them together,” he said

He said government must apply the Uganda President Museveni tactics to restore peace in the area,let them provides opportunity through development to all communities because that’s the only solution.

“We have been provided with enough security and we thank government for that,what we need is unity amongst our communities,” he adds

However, he has also urged the government of Kenya Kwanza to deliver the bottom up manifesto to Kenya and tone down on politics.

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