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Government plans distribute fertiliser to 4.3million farmers

Fertiliser subsidy programme updates in line with bottom up agenda and expect to distribute 16 million bags in 12 counties.

The government plans to get more billions from the treasury.

Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi has explained that the high cost has been a major challenge in the recent time but the government is takeing ahuge step for stability and consumer prices.

Fertiliser is a key input in the kenyan economy.
Subsidies a total of 300,000 of subsidies prices

All registered farmers 4.3million are able and will access the subsidy, as a farmer you will get enough bags for your hectares,according to the Ministry.

“To access the government Fertiliser, afarmer must be digitally registered which is going on in all counties by local chiefs and village elders”.PS

The amounts of Fertiliser available are planting Fertiliser 300,000metric tunes,mostky counties in the north-rift regions and southern and western region.

The ministry started the distribution of Fertiliser last week includes Nandi,Elgeyo Marakwet,Bungoma,Migori,Trans nzoia county and all farmers can access the subsidy in all National Cereal Board across the country at Ksh 3000.

Government through the ministry is working also with Safaricom through Voucher App through SMS notifications to distribute the subsidy to all famers in the own goingprocess and all vouchers are valid for 30days.

All farmers will access through an ID after registration through confirmation at the National Cereal Board storage at the counties.

The roles of the county governments will be helping to access the farmers within their cou ty to assist in identification and also to monitor and evaluate.

The ministry has said the ongoing process will go until the objective of food and prices are stabilise in line with government food program.

The government is also using SGR and lorries in the far flong areas to distribute Fertiliser subsidies across the country to ensure it reaches all farmers on time.

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