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Haki Africa requests EACC to investigate the widespread extortion in the Public Primary and Secondary

By Jeff Kizzilah

Haki Africa ,a non governmental organisation has reported a widespread corruption complaints in the public education from parents contry wide.

Speaking to journalists in Nairobi,HAKI Africa CEO Mr. Hussein Khalid has listed a number of complaints that the parents has reported since schools we opened including forceful directions for parents to use designated school transport or private schools, forceful purchasing of uniforms,books and even stationery to specified suppliers.

He said this free education is a big fallacy and full of lies.

” In a Liberal economy this all conning and corruption and is even extra more expensive compared to previous fees many homes cannot afford the private fees are exorbitant”,

“And we demand the Ethics and Anti corruption commission to carry an immediate investigation to bring all this schools to books and be stopped “, he said

He said every child has got the right to every child in kenya,schools are promoting hidden charges tk parents and the Education CS must stop it and if it is hundred percent transitions.

“We have all the tangible evidences about all fraudulent transactions this schools are doing to the parents, “he says

He said they have received complaints from Siaya county,Meru County and Nairobi county.

The complainants including KeWoTa umbrella for education ‘s Chairperson Modesta Akaki has also requested county governments as well as Mps to support the needy families to take their children to schools.

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