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Stop cyber bullying,Governor Waiguru has urged

By Jeff Kizzilah and Nicholas Manduku

Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru has call on women to campaign against cyber bullying on women.

Despite the increased penetration and usage of technology parading a wide range of benefits, there is also an increase in the question of the safety of individuals when it comes to online harassment.

According to the latest statistics from the mcfeeintel security and the cyber-bullying research centre, it shows that over 87 per cent of today’s youths have witnessed cyberbullying and nearly 69 per cent have experienced it, 41 per cent of that being girls while 28 per cent being boys.

Waiguru said we would like to call all organisations and women to speak against cyber bullying on women as well as small girls and its a serious.

Governor Waiguru has said that women should use technology platforms to campaign to advance gender equality.

“Women are the key victims when it comes to cyber bullying and that has happened to many including women politicians specifically during campaign period,”she adds

Speaking during the launch of cyber bullying campaign organized by Echo Network Africa and Diamond Trust Fund in Nairobi ,Themed “Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality Stop Cyber Bullies” Governor who was the chief Guest said between one to five women suffers cyber bullying everyday.

Governor Waiguru also call on her political competor to judge her from what she has done for the people of Kirinyaga and stop cyber bullies.

She said she wont justify anything but theirs a double standard for cyber bullying.

She has aks women to come out and fight against cyber bullying.

Mrs Jeniffer Riria, Founder of Echo Network Africa a non governmental organisation has also call on women and other organisations to invest on technology to advande gender equality to help participate in the community growth.

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