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Extractive mining Companies Should Empower women, Canadian Bar President

By Jeff Kizzilah

The just concluded Support Inclusive Resource Development (SIRD) regional conference has empowered dozens of women in Kwale county ,Gaita Region in Tanzania and Buliisa district in Uganda.

The women were empowered economically and advanced in property rights on land as opposed to males counterparts enlighting them to receive land compensation since they take care of the kids and are vulnerable in the community.

Kwale county boasts largest mines in kenya,hence of the project in the county.

The SIRD had two major components.The first component worked through the patner law societies on law and policy advocacy relating to extractive industries with national and regional governments.

Speaking to journalists during the SiRD conference held in Mombasa,Kenya, the Canadian Bar Association (CBA)Hon. Mr. John Stefaniuk,the Vice President has reiterated on the safety standards in the Mining to protect workers and communities,respect and environmental laws as well as the need for partnership and NGOs, since mining impacts health and environment,thereafter calls for inclusive mining involving all stakeholders.

Canadian Bars has over 36,000 lawyers and advocates in Canada where they carry out coaching activities and training of law professionals.

He said that, if the sector can join hands to work together women will thrive well in the mining sector and do somethingthat can create various opportunities.

The Regional Conference brought together legal profession from across EAC countries including Kenya,Tanzania and Uganda the fastest growing block in Africa.

Countries like Somalia ans Ethiopia have also expressed interest for joining the block to promote rule of law and human rights.

The successes of the project also focus on Climate change in extractive industry directly affects the climate.

The CBA has promised to patner with other nations to support any project.

The VP said they have given accolade to EAC countries for supporting the vulnerable groups including women to realize their achievements in the property management as well as land ownership.

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