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Zoho Expands Presence in Kenya with a new State-of- the – art training centre

By Jeff Kizzilah

Zoho corp has announced the opening its new office in westland suburb in Nairobi in a move to cater for its growing customer base in kenya.

The office which is currently undergoing renovations will be eeady for the operations in early April.

Zoho is one of the global technology companies with a huge market base in the sub-saharan Africa.

The company said this will provide an exceptional environment for customers and patners in Kenya to engage mkre and leayn more.

“We are thrilled to open our new office in the Kenya market,and we believe that our on ground presence in kenya will help us serve our customers kn tbe country better zoho is committed to investing in the local talent tk provode the best possible setvide to its customers this is also reflects our strategy for business growth and expansion,said Veerakumar Natarajan ,Country Head ,Zoho Corp

Zoho growth in kenya can be attributed to the popularity flagship produsts like Zoho desk,Zoho workplace and Zoho inventory.

The company also said they will focus also on supporting small businesses in Kenya.

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