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Afyarekod & Aheti Align Towards Digitizing Primary Healthcare Via Data And Patient Management

Afyarekod & Aheti Align Towards Digitizing Primary Healthcare Via Data And Patient Management
AfyaRekod and Africa Health and Economic Transformation Initiative (AHETI) recently signed an MOU to drive the agenda of digitization of primary healthcare through a data and patient-driven approach via the network of the mission clinics in over 44 countries in Africa.
The agreement also focuses on capacity development for healthcare workers, supporting them with equipment and creating sustainable value for them via the alliance. The network size and scale in Africa handles over 55% to 60% of primary healthcare across the continent via the Jesuit Justice and Ecology Network Africa (JENA)
AfyaRekod has been working with The Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK) to power the Catholic Mission Hospitals in Kenya with our AfyaRekod mobility EHR system that is digitising the mission hospitals. Digitising the hospitals is a crucial step for AOSK as they strive for better healthcare and streamlining of operations in the mission hospitals.
According to Prof Fred Ogolla, CEO of AHETI, there have been revolutions that transformed the world. Some for better, others for worse. “The industrial revolution improved income levels in the world, birthing unprecedented global economic growth. The partnership between AHETI & AfyaRekod has the potential to birth the next revolution; a digital health revolution that will transfer health from the hands of doctors to the patients’, says Dr Ogolla.
By leveraging the AfyaRekod technology to reach their SDG goals, AHETI benefits from this partnership through the use of technology to contribute to the social and economic justice of the country with quality and affordable healthcare being the ultimate go
John Kamara, CEO of AfyaRekod, says that the reformation of healthcare in Africa lies in the way we drive the digitization, education and value of patient-driven healthcare using data as the core value to help the over 75% of the African population and the very limited health-facilities that serve these people in rural and semi-urban communities across the continent. With the partnership with AHETI we can collectively support the sisters and mission clinics that serve over 300m people in Africa every year. The key to reducing the cost, burden and inefficiency in healthcare is driving the agenda of preventive and data-driven approaches to healthcare and treatment.
By working with AHETI and her networks to digitize and drive patient-driven healthcare in primary health systems, the result will be a transformed and healthy Africa.
We have found that the three entities have similar goals and it is why we all sat down to discuss how our combined efforts could lead to quality and affordable healthcare which in turn, will go a long way to eradicating poverty diseases.

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