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KCA University Champions Challenge Based Learning

KCA University has joined hands with other stakeholders in a bid to improve Challenge Based Learning (CBL).
This according to the deputy vice chancellor academic affairs Prof. Joshua Bagakawill go a long way in improving the graduands employability.
Prof. Bagaka says:
“The interaction today was about challenge based learning to our students in the university. Which differs very much from the traditional test papers and such.
Buy in this case we are adopting A method where students are given real world problems and they are challenged to solve them. We see that as a way to go because in that case it prepares students for the real world. The second part is if we do that, then it means that the students will actually have to be prepared and they won’t have to memorize for the exams.
“If we have challenge based learning,, it means each student will be addressing these challenges in different ways so there’s no memorising and they will be focusing on problem solving. KCA University is the pioneer in this thing and we are partnering with Lincoln University where such kind of approaches have taken root.
In Kenyan universities we have been having this tradition that the final exam accounts for 70% of the final grade. Such that what the students does throughout the trimester only accounts for 30%. The final exam can even account for 10 or 20%.”

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