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PACJA and KU Launch Nairobi Summer School of Climate
Justice Cohort 3

By Bruno Aero

The Pan African Climate Justice partnership
with Kenyatta University on Friday launched the third cohort of Nairobi Summer School of Climate
Justice Cohort 3. The launch was held at the Kenyatta University that hosts
the program.

Speaking during the launch, Dr. Mithika Mwenda, the Executive Director of Pan African
Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) said that introspecting on the two years the program has
been on, it’s worth jubilation.

“Two years back we commenced this noble initiative on the NSSCJ. To us it was a bold dream
to see young people being in the stewardship of climate justice efforts in this continent. It was
a dream that has become a reality”, said Dr. Mithika.

Mithika said that the achievement would not have been possible without Kenyatta University partnering with PACJA as a hosting institution of the initiative.

“We appreciate the effort put in by Kenyatta University over the planning process for the
NSSCJ that we have enjoyed for the last 2 years that has made the NSSCJ a premier process of strengthened pan African mobilizations and organizing of young people to drive bold,
continental wide transformations”, Dr. Mithika added.

Dr. Joseph Kurauka, the Chairperson of the Department of Environmental Studies and
Community Development at Kenyatta University affirmed that University partnership with
PACJA yielded results by equipping young generation with skills and knowledge of issues
pertaining to climate change, environment and Climate Justice.

“To affirm our commitment, I am glad to share with you that Kenyatta University’s Department
of Environmental Studies and Community Development is processing accredited certification
and master’s studies in areas of climate Justice”, disclosed Dr. Kurauka.

Prof. Wanjohi who represented the Vice Chancellor emphasized the role of young
generation in carrying forward awareness and commended the importance of equipping
them with skills and knowledge on climate change and climate justice.

“I believe that Climate Change is everywhere and is affecting all of us. I hope that the
applicants to be selected will be in that dynamism of bringing change because climate change
has become a global Challenge we are currently facing”, said Prof. Wanjohi

Nancy Githaiga, Country Director, African Wildlife Foundation reminded participants that
Climate change has hit Africa and Kenya in particular, hence joint efforts are needed to
address the challenge. She said that youth equipped with knowledge will drive the change.

“We have responsibility because our action or inaction on matter of climate Change will
definitely speak. Voices of young people must be heard but also there must be solutions
through action,” reiterated Nancy.

At the launch of the third cohort, several alumni of Nairobi Summer school of
Climate Justice shared their experiences and knowledge they have earned from the last cohorts.

About Nairobi Summer School of Climate Justice

NSSCJ is conceptualized as an intergenerational platform to share, learn and network the
disruptive ideas needed to catalyze economy-wide transformation in a climate-catastrophic
world. The school adopts a society-wide focus, targeting sectoral and thematic experts and
frontline activists irrespective of formal education and cultural backgrounds. Since its
inception, the school has trained over 900 youth from diverse background anddiverse
countries and continents.

Over two Years in action Nairobi Summer school Alumni, are contributing in shaping
narratives around climate Justice across Africa and beyond through campaigns, Climate
Change negotiations, and other advocacy processes at national, regional, continental and
global level.

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