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Njeri Maina Says No to Power Tariff Hike

Kirinyaga woman representative the Honorable Wakili Njeri Maina is very considerate.

On the floor of the House she rose on a point of order to oppose increment of electricity tariffs.

“At a time when we should be having discussions about ensuring total connectivity in rural areas and investing in manufacturing, we cannot afford to increase electricity tariffs.

The future of this nation lies in investing in manufacturing to secure the young generation.

Young people are languishing in unemployment yet year after year we keep churning out graduates to a market that is hostile, unable to absorb them, and unfriendly to SMES.

Electricity tariffs correlate with the cost of production, cost of services, et al. We must review and investigate all agreements entered into by KPLC on behalf of the Kenyan people.

On the floor supporting the motion to reduce electricity costs by the Hon. Jane Kagiri, OGW Laikipia County Woman Rep.

We must think the future to secure the future.”

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