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Malindi cleric should not be treated as church minister

Controversial Malindi cleric who is alleged to be responsible for massacre of unknown number of people through unethical religious practices should not be treated as a church minister. Most of the genuine church ministries belong to known church umbrella bodies and fellowships. Which one does this one belong to?. Up coming ministries should be registered under some good recommendation from at least one known christian Umbrella body. Otherwise leaders of church outfits should not be treated as church ministers; Hon Bishop Robert Mutemi, the governor of Kenya National Congress of Pentecostal Churches and Ministries, stated. I appeal to all Kenyans not to generalize any individual religious irresponsibility as the practice of the church of God. Let us not give bracket condemnation whenever individuals error. Criminal activities should be executed according to the law and not hidden under religious practices and privileges. The happenings in Malindi are tarnishing the good name of preachers in the country.

He commended the authorities for the good job they are doing in trying to unravel the mystery of his henious acts.

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