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Winnie Success Story in Mitumba Business

Winjoy Kananu is a youthful entrepreneur who has ventured in second hand clothes business. The Kindhearted, down-to-earth and God-fearing Winjoy started small. She didn’t despise her humble beginnings.

She started selling eggs. After a while she switched to selling fruits. Her hardwork paid off and she eventually started opening bales.
In an interview, she alludes to us that her greatest driving factor is passion.

She says,

“ – it’s all about passion. When selling fresh things they can sometimes disappoint you due to their perishable nature. But the moment you sell clothes it’s so fulfilling.

In business it’s all about passion. Do something that can motivate you so that by doing so you can become your Chief Encourager Officer .

She sources her second hand clothes from the United Kingdom.

She advises the youths to step out and do so with faith. It’s all about kujituma. Start small. Give it your all and finally you shall succeed.
Winjoy delivers her clothes to her clients locally and even across borders whereby she is serving clients in South Sudan, Nigeria Tanzania and South Africa.
“the African Market is magnanimous. That’s why I’m currently looking into means of transportation to deliver to them.
To those who are starting their business now, Winjoy advised them not to give up.

“Don’t give up. Being your own Boss is the greatest feeling. You manage yourself observe Self Discipline and in business never quit. Stay focused and give your business at least One year to break even.

Let Passion be always your driving factor.” She concluded.

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