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As the president continues to push the tree growing restoration campaign, Government Agencies have been assigned tree growing targets to meet each year. Kenya Defence Forces are required to plant not less than 845 million trees by 2032.

Towards actualization of their new mission, Dedan Kimathi Foundation joined Kenya Navy Base Mtongwe and Mariakani Barracks 77 Artillery Battalion in a mass tree planting exercise in Mariakani area that sits on Kilifi County. The Foundation donated 55,000 tree seedlings raised in the Coastal region nurseries partnering with the Foundation as Kenya Forest Service donated another fraction of the remainder.

KFS Coastal Region Deputy Regional Forest Conservator Mr. Wesonga plead with the soldiers to sustain the number of trees planted by offering them proper aftercare. He further stated that KFS triumphs very much with tree growing success reports that bring about the desired change.

Dedan Kimathi Foundation C.E.O, Ms. Evelyn Wanjugu Kimathi, called upon the Environmental Soldier Program to be thirsty for 100% survival rate of the trees planted stating that as a great way of creating positive environmental impact. ”We are also ready to continue supporting tree growing within Kenya to ensure that we do not lose the country our freedom fathers fought for to Climate Change negative effects,” emphasized Ms. Evelyn.

Kenya Navy Base Mtongwe Commanding Officer Lt. Colonel Onyancha assured the Foundation and KFS representatives that the Environmental Soldier Program was well prepared to grow the trees. He stated that the Forces are establishing water holding areas in the site and looks forward to availing water bowsers for watering the trees before the rains subside.

Dedan Kimathi Foundation continues to urge citizens to support the president in growing trees towards achieving 30% tree cover by the end of 2032.

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