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Operation Linda Ugatuzi leader prof Fred Ogola shares with us the way forward in terms of bringing about inclusivity for economic development.

Operation Linda Ugatuzi, the umbrella body for all Civil Society Organisations, has today held consultative meetings with Religious Leaders, Political Party Leaders, and Community Based Organisation Leaders following the standoff between President William Ruto and Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga over the alleged fall-out of the bipartisan negotiations

  1. We were never from the onset in support of the Bipartisan but proposed Multilateralism since the issues on the table are now much bigger than the interests between Kenya Kwanza and Azimio la Umoja one Kenya alliance. let us not go to parliament since we are here because of the failed leadership of the existing institutions, especially parliament, and Even the Judiciary and the Executive. The current government has created the fourth arm of government, the “state house” where all the other arms of government that ought to be independent are being controlled by the Statehouse. Please include Civil Society, Religious leaders, the private sector, and all stakeholders to have their say. Even if Kenyans are poor, it doesn’t mean they don’t know what they want. Members of parliament have lost legitimacy since they have been bought, let’s listen to Kenyans.
  2. Azimio has stated that there are threats of Assassination against them. This is following the threats from some members of the Kenya Kwanza government and affirmed by the president that “they will know they don’t know”, “mtajua hamjui”. We request the president that instead of threatening the Opposition, please threaten hunger, unemployment, poverty, disease, and ignorance, the main enemies Kenya face. Azimio just like other members of the Opposition are friends of Kenya, let us engage them while upholding the constitution. We cannot suspend the Constitution to deal with opposition but we would rather suspend the Constitution to deal with hunger, disease and ignorance.
  3. We would like to urge both the President to be honest. He requested Raila Odinga to call off the Mass action for dialogue. Raila accepted your olive branch, formed a team and gave them terms of reference. You also set up the team but your Kenya Kwanza supporters are having these negotiations outside the select panel of 14 members. Let’s give dialogue a chance to avert the impending mass action. We know lives will be lost and property will be destroyed. Talk to each other and call it off, you have a chance, you can do it. Let’s negotiate. Peace is our greatest weapon as a nation.
  4. We hear the calls from Kenya Kwanza that former president Uhuru Kenyatta should stay out of politics. However, that is not possible within the prevailing political context. It can only be possible if the Kenya Kwanza government respects his property and Party the way Kibaki respected Moi’s Property and Party KANU.

In conclusion
We are confident that a Multi-partisan process will immensely benefit our nation and help resolve deep-seated political, policy and societal issues facing the country. We also this process will build our National Ethos. Kenya belongs to all of us. Therefore, we need a platform where Political Parties, Religious Leaders, Civil Society, Community Based Organisations, Governance and Policy Experts, and Legal Scholars among other stakeholders will participate in this national dialogue and present their views for consideration.


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