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On Friday 28th April 2023,Dedan Kimathi Foundation (DKF) and Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) started an environmental conservation journey towards Mariakani Garisson Forestation. The Foundation committed to donate the required 100,000 tree seedlings from private nurseries attached to the Foundation and through other partners. The Foundation delivered 55,000 tree seedlings on the day the planting was launched and engaged in the planting. Kenya Forest Service donated 5,000 tree seedlings from Gede Forest Station to boost the work.

Today, 3rd May 2023,Dedan Kimathi Foundation environment conservation team together with the Foundation CEO ;Ms. Evelyn W. Kimathi joined the KDF for the continuation of the tree planting at the site that hosts Mariakani Garisson 77 Artillery Battalion. The Foundation delivered the second batch of 30,000 trees seedlings donation bringing the total donation to 90,000 tree seedlings.

Ms. Evelyn Kimathi beseeched the soldiers to ensure the trees planted survive to benefit mankind. In her remarks, she urged the soldiers to be active change makers in the fight against climate change by growing more trees to mitigate the negative climate change effects. She mentioned the increase of carbon in the air as a major problem that requires more trees to absorb and store it to reduce global warming.

Standing in for Kenya Navy Base Mtongwe Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Onyancha, Major Ndirangu of Kenya Navy Fleet Formation appreciated Dedan Kimathi Foundation for the dedication to support the initiative with the required tree seedlings and availing the Green Army team of Volunteers to plant the trees with the soldiers. He further assured the team that the trees would be well tended to set a good example to other KDF camps.

Dedan Kimathi Foundation commits to remain dedicated to serving humanity through tree growing campaigns, partnerships, collaborations and climate change sensitization aimed at supporting the government to grow the 15 billion trees and reach 30% tree cover by 2032.

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