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Malawi Legislator Esther Jolabala’s Thoughts After FoRB Conference

Honorable Esther Jolabala is a Member of Parliament from Malawi and she attended a two day conference in Nairobi themed international conference of Parliamentarians in promoting the freedom of religion or belief. Here are her thoughts

“My name is Esther Jolabala from Malawi. as a member of parliament during our conference the issue of some religious leaders taking advantage of the vulnerable people in our communities came out. As a representative of the people I think umbrella bodies should take Control of what is happening on the ground.

And the government should come and intervene to regulate where necessary.

In Malawi the freedom of worship is guaranteed. Currently Parliament of Malawi has formed a caucus just to give a platform to the public to engage parliament on freedom of worship. I also think Kenya should think of having a similar platform to enable Kenyan members of public to engage their leaders
Hon Esther Jolobala also took a moment to thank the Government of Norway and partners for their support.
We will put ways and means within our member states for continuity

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