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Wa Muratha Crowns Beauty Pageants

Kiambu Woman Representative The Honorable Ann Wa Muratha on Saturday took part in crowning a beauty pageant.

She notes

“Congratulations to Mr. Mrs. Karai Ward Kiambu county courtesy of Hon. Mr. Samuel Njoroge (Icèmbè) the Area MCA.

Today I was invited to grace the pageant that had brought together all people of all generations and ages in a heated contest where we were looking for the best Karai Ward contestant.

I advised the contestants that, To be a Miss or Mr World is to carry a burning torch. It is like action carried out by one to illuminate the lives of many hence they should embrace togetherness in their youth and forge forward as a team.

Such Beauty Pageants will shield our youths from indulging in Drugs and substance abuse and helps in preparing them in to a great and prosperous future.

We look forward to more events of this caliber in the future.”

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