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Jijenge Comes In Handy To Cushion Kenyans

Jijenge Credit the leading non deposit taking microfinance, has come in Handy To Cushion Kenyans at a time when all of us are feeling the pinch of the high cost of living coupled with runaway inflation.

Peter Macharia Kamau is the Captain of the ship at Jijenge and he says,
“It’s true to say life is tough. No single sector has been spared and that’s why I’m calling upon the government of the day (Kenya Kwanza) to move with speed to find a lasting solution to the current quagmire,” Mr Peter Macharia Kamau said.

However, to offer an immediate solution, Jijenge is a financial partner all Kenyans can attest to due to their efficacy, timeliness and friendly interest rates.

“We are inviting Kenyans to visit us so that we can offload the heavy financial burden right from their shoulder. We are offering loans at a very reasonable interest rate so Kenyans shouldn’t suffer,” he said.

Jijenge Credit is a
non-deposit taking Micro Finance Lending Institution with over 10,000 clients in Kenya, Sudan and Tanzania, and its head office is at Town House, Nairobi, Kenya.

Our greatest advantage the demand for microfinance products that is very high especially among SMEs who are the company’s main client. Jijenge Credit looks to aid those who are unable to access financial services.

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