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Ichoho a Wondrous Man

It suffices to put pen to paper to say that Kenya Tea Development Authority Chairman David Muni Ichoho is a wondrous man for four fold reasons.

(1) This man is a REFORMIST: They say a new broom sweeps very well and it’s true for Mr Ichoho. He weeded out the cartels who had milked farmers dry for their own selfish interests.

2) FOCUSED: Mr. Ichoho is focused to make sure that the tea farmer’s interest’s, including financial health, are his topmost priority agenda.

3) MINDFUL – Mr. Ichoho minds the welfare of farmers. Like now as we speak, all farmers are smiling all the way to the bank. Reason being, April’s payment was made promptly to enable farmers take their children back to school

4) DIVERSIFIED. Mr. Ichoho has always taught farmers the importance of being diversified. Not to rely on tea alone but also encourages them to grow other equally resourceful crops such as avocadoes, macadamia, agroforestry etc.

5) The FIFTH AND MOST IMPORTANT is that Ichoho is a VISIONARY. He saw it fit to not just rely on the traditional tea international markets. He has been on the frontline globetrotting seeking new markets so as to make our tea fetch better prices

And before I forget, ICHOHO sees far. He has been in talks with the Cabinet Secretary for agriculture the Honorable mithika Linturi and the National Treasury trying to see to it that at least FIFTEEN tea factories are equipped with processing lines for the orthodox tea.

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