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Kenya Women Teachers Association (KEWOTA) has urged teachers to emulate a Kenyan teacher who was caught on camera mending the torn uniform of a pupil in her class.

Joyce Sempela Malit, a teacher who has been teaching more than three decades, in Narok County, warmed the hearts of many Kenyans due to this noble act. 34

Speaking today from the headquarters in Hurligham, the National Treasurer said such acts exemplify the ideals of KEWOTA and are true ro KEWOTA’s creed: Be a sisters keeper.

“As teachers, we must always be prepared to go beyond the call of duty for a true servant is always prepared to show compassion. We would like teachers to be like Sampela,” said the National Treasurer Jacinta Ndegwa.

That Sampela always carries a needle and thread to school shows she is mindful of unforseen circumstances that may need an intervening act of compassion.

NT, as is fondly referred by members, added her voice to the call by netizens to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to promote Sempela for her noble act.

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