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Madam CEO Feeds Us For the week

One Captain of the industry who always feeds us from her bounty of wisdom is Samchi Group Founder and Chief Executive Officer Madam Esther Muchemi.

She today tells us about the “TOUGH WOMAN”


What in the world does this mean…
Others call them Iron ladies
Others tell us we sit on men or worse beat them, really?

Whatever name they give to you, just because you are a success, just let it pass and focus on being a serial achiever.

I have lost count of the times I have heard it, and honestly i can’t sit and urgue against it, it’s a perception.

So let not stereo types, nick names , or even name calling distract you from your life purpose.

Learn to rise above all such negative vibes, build inner strength on a continuous basis, one day, just one day even your enemies will call you blessed.

Have a great week ahead.”

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