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Medium liquor traders association Chairman Frank Mbogo has taken a moment to share with us his thoughts.

“Alcohol is not consumed because it is brewed. Neither is it onsumed because a bar has been licensed or not.
It is brewed and consumed because there is demand for it.
It’s with regrets that at a time like this when the country is under intense economic crisis, some counties still have the guts to generally frustrate and threaten bar business owners by revoking their licences instead of holding the bull by it’s horn and just tame the rogue illicit brewers who through their demigods are now exposing some family’s sources of living into risks.

We the Medium Liquor Traders Association would like to condemn with the strongest term possible the act of denying bar owners whose licences genuinely deserve being renewed due to the fact that it will render their employees jobless and as well subject the counties into a banana republic full of illegal drinking dens.

Less we forget that the effect will be closure of businesses and Loss of employment without any visible reduction in alcoholism and illicit brews.
Medium Traders Deserve to be Heard.”

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