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Urge to MCAs: Let’s Reason Together

Karumandi Member of County Assembly in Kirinyaga County the Honorable Caroline Wanjiku has urged fellow MCAs to shelf their their threats and instead prioritise in the welfare of the common mwananchi commonly referred to as Wanjiku.
The Honorable Wanjiku faulted the MCAs pressure on the government which she termed as premature and called for them to give the government time to serve
“The Government of the day is pretty new and the best thing is to give it time to serve all of us furthermore, even if we were to call for salary increment, I’d rather we push for a more inclusive approach such as the addition of bursary.
“in my ward I ended up giving needy students just Ksh 1,000 for bursary and this is akin to a needle in a haystack. However, if the government can increase the county allocation, we can have a broader reach and encompass more needy students in the bursary issuance,” Hon Wanjiku concluded.

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