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Analysts Advisory on Budget Estimates

Evans Kakai a reputable auditor, Economist and financial analyst, has taken a moment to share with the Kenya Kwanza Government the best approach to ease the President’s headache.

Mr. Kakai opines that the quagmire can be addressed by soberly analysing the budget estimate statement whereby we could restructure same to fit in an acceptable finance bill 2023.

“Let the advisors not stress our president with impossibilities that can have a negative publicity. We are willing to provide ideas that can help to make ends meet,” Kakai noted.

His advisory comes at a time when the proposed finance bill enraged Kenyans so much so because it’s ill timed and comes at a time when our economy is yet to recuperate especially from the macroeconomic factors.

Kakai advised his excellency the President to take his time and implement a practical financial bill which will not very overburden the already overtaxed mwananchi.

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