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Dr. Nyongesa Thumbs Up Initiative of Pfizer

Dr. Catherine Nyongesa, the founder of Texas Cancer Center, has taken a moment to underscore the exemplary work done by Pfizer. Dr. Nyongesa notes:

“It is encouraging to see pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer supporting patient advocacy efforts and promoting a holistic approach to cancer care. By collaborating with healthcare professionals, leveraging digital technology, and empowering patients to be active participants in their own treatment journey, the industry can contribute to improving the quality of life for cancer patients. The call for increased patient involvement in cancer research and treatment is crucial to address the challenges faced by cancer patients in Kenya. By listening to patient perspectives, engaging in evidence-based solutions, and fostering collaboration between stakeholders, it is possible to improve the quality of cancer care, reduce the burden of the disease, and ultimately save lives.”

On Wednesday, Pfizer Oncology Medical Manager for East Africa Dr. Josephine Muiru said, “We have not yet found a way to prevent or cure all cancers, so it is vital that we are listening to people living with these diseases and supporting them with a holistic cancer care approach. At Pfizer we remain committed to providing this support, from working with healthcare professionals to help them to understand the needs of people living with cancer and how to best communicate with them, to leveraging digital technology to empower them to learn about their own disease and treatment options and to improve their quality of life.”

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