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Noordin Haji’s nomination as the Director General of the National Intelligence Service continues to get support

Noordin Haji’s nomination as the Director General of the National Intelligence Serivuce continues to get support from various organisations.

Speaking today in Eastleigh, Nairobi, the Eastleigh Business District Association voiced their support 8n endorsing Haji as the new spy master.

“Throughout hid illustrious career, he has made remarkable contributions, including his exemplary work at the Attorney General’s office and his previous position as the Deputy Director of the Counter Organised Crime Unit at the NIS,” said Ahmed Yare, the EBDA chairman.

The community noted that the DPP in his public service demonstrated loyalty, dedication and goodwill in delivering and serving all Kenyans.

“Haji’s progressive review of policies and guidelines in the prosecution sector has disrupted the outdated and corrupt system of the past, earning him adversaries amongst those who benefited from it.”

Yare stated that the DPP’s return as the NIS Director General is not strange considering his extensive experience in law enforcement and the justice system which equip him in dealing with national security challenges facing the country.

“We unreservedly support his appointment and have utmost confidence in his ability to lead the NIS effectively, ensure the security of our nation, and steadfastly uphold the rule of law,” the community asserted.

In his tenure as the DPP, Haji oversaw the establishment of nine regional offices around the country as well as the deployment of electronic filing system, significantly enhancing service delivery and the establishment of the Prosecution Training Institute.

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