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Founder and CEO George Ghibes posing for a photo during the launch of NOTOS KITCHEN BAR in UpperHill,Nairobi Kenya

A sudanese investor named George Ghibes, who is presently located in Kenya, has spoken out forcefully in favor of opening a new cooking bar that caters to people from all walks of life in response to the high taxation in the country.

This afternoon, during the kitchen bar’s launch, the founder, George ghibes, gave a press conference and explained why he decided to open Notos: most restaurants serving Kenyan food lacked what he called a kick in flavor, and the food was also expensive but tasteless.
There are currently 8 stores worldwide, with this one being the first to open in Kenya.
The seven additional members are stationed in Sudan, and he claims that efforts are being made to grow even more.
They have guaranteed their customers that they would receive value for their money as a brand.
The shop’s founder, George Ghibes, is quite optimistic about the future because Kenya has accepted his brand.
“We started during the era of COVID but we r
Very optimistic of the future.As we launch this store today we really want to appreciate Kenyans for embracing us”..
..Mr George Ghibes founder Notos Kitchen Bar.
The outlet was founded during the era of COVID.

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