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World Food Safety Summit Kicks off

The World Food Safety Summit kicked off Monday Morning in Nairobi.

Speaking during the opening session, the Chief Executive Officer of Micro Enterprises Support Program Trust Rebecca Amukhoye noted:

“The objective of this conference is to garner political support around food safety in Kenya and beyond Kenya. Micro Enterprise Support Program Trust has been implementing a food safety program financed by the European Union and the Danish Embassy and for the last five years we have worked with 13 counties in Kenya addressing issues of food safety in aquaculture, dairy and horticulture and for the last five years we have supported counties to establish food safety mechanisms and coordination units called the food safety and coordination committees that brings together stakeholders that are interested in food safety to really have a more coordinated approach to matters food safety.

We have also revised the training curriculum and all the trainings now that will be offered by the agriculture training centers will have food safety incorporated in them.

And why this is important is that skills and knowledge is a very key part of ensuring food safety. and therefore it is important that food safety being a concern for everybody from the producer to the consumer it’s important that the skills and knowledge being disseminated in the training centers adheres to food safety.”

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