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THE forthright, principled, eloquent, sharp and dedicated Speaker of the Nairobi County Assembly The Honorable Ken Ngondi has achieved an 80% approval rating according to
Nairobi County Social Audit Network.

The Network Attributed the rating to his style of leadership in the County assembly where there’s decorum and professionalism as opposed to yester years where City Hall was synonymous with chaos, anarchy and disorder
The Chairman of the Nairobi County Social Audit Network Mr. Edward Githaiga notes:

“Nairobi City County Assembly since the inception of the Devolved Unit of Nairobi was established under the Constitutional Article on Devolution, County Government Act 2012. We have based our findings according to the Social Audit Conducted at The Nairobi City County Speakers Performance in the following Key and Significant Areas that we found to place a good measure of social impact analysis and legislative/oversight analysis. Therefore we used this areas of performance Indicators to base our scorecard.

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