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Nuggets of Wisdom from Prof. Fred Ogola

Operation Linda Ugatuzi leader Prof. Fred Ogola opines that as a country we are yet to achieve true reconciliation in a bid to boost cohesion and unity of purpose.

The man who shoots it straight noted:

“Since we had our elections the opposition has maintained the election was rigged and Raila Odinga has never called the president his excellency. I said it before Raila still will have to legitimise President William Ruto.

The narrative by Kenya Kwanza has always been “we won the elections, we were elected.” If you’re elected, you don’t have to remind us. They don’t have to Remind us. Both leaders had to come together for true reconciliation with each other.

President William Ruto ought to reconstruct the burned bridges which were exterminated during the Building Bridges Initiative which failed.

Let me go a little bit on the issue of Sabina Chege.
Interestingly Sabina Chege ought to be the running mate of Raila Odinga. For these reasons:

We needed someone from Mt. Kenya.. we needed someone from Murang’a. Someone who is hustler-ish, youthish and we needed beauty. Sabina Chege was the epitome of the woman apart from Martha Karua in Azimio. She was more Azimio more than Martha Karua. She has stuck with Raila Odinga through thick and thin.
Raila Odinga, Azimio has not betrayed Sabina Chege. She is the one who has betrayed them. So they have a right to complain.

Finance Bill

Raila Odinga is praying that the finance bill passes. Why because this finance bill will make him more relevant. By passing this bill it will disadvantage Kenya Kwanza instead of making them popular. President William Ruto political capital will diminish after passing this bill. Because these are the maths. There’s an equation called good strategy plus good execution. Bad strategy bad execution. But what we are having here is a bad strategy with an excellent execution. We have the numbers, we have drafted the budget. This is a by the way it gonna pass.

Where President Ruto is missing the point

There are three arms of Govern as per our 2010 Constitution. Executive, legislature and judiciary. But the president has created a fourth arm – the State House which is overriding on the independent intellectual capacity of the three arms..
The President has not even given the members of parliament The liberty to exercise their intellectual ability on the matter of the finance bill which the Executive chest thumps by saying it will pass because they have the numbers . It’s important to give Parliament that chance to exercise it’s Constitutionally established mandate of scrutinizing the bill and either passing it or amending it.”

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