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Stanley Kimore: Don’t Complain about Finance Bill

Stanley Kimore, the Chairman of Jubilee in Starehe Constituency and the Treasurer Nairobi County has a word of advice for us pertaining the finance bill.

“The President Dr. William Ruto campaigned and he laid out his manifesto and he was elected. He was eloquent in saying that he will stop borrowing from overseas.

He has a budget he have to implement and that money must come from us, the taxpayers. In five years, president Ruto will have worked and took Kenya to the next level and we shall be at par with Singapore. So let’s own up, pay taxes for things to run smoothly.”

On the sentiments of Jubilee secretary general Jeremiah Kioni, I want to differ abit.

“He is gallavanting the country opposing the finance bill among the members of the public. He has been an MP so he should use the right channel by whipping MPs to oppose it on the floor of the house.

The bill isn’t being fronted for a referendum so that he can campaign it among the members of the public.

Kioni should stop misleading people and especially Jubilee which he has thrown down the drain. He is just after money using his cunning tactics.

That’s why we have a problem in our party.”

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