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KNPSWU Signs MOU To better industry Standards

Kenya National Private Security Workers Union has signed a memorandum of understanding in a bid to better industry Standards.
The Union was led by Isaac GM Andabwa(OGW), the National General Secretary (KNPSWU)
The Employer Association KSIA) was led by its Chairman Jeremy Van Tongeren Walinzi Sacco was led by Joseph Kang’ethe.

HP Kapital (Investor) was led Nandishwar Kaushal (Chairman)

The roles and responsibilities of both parties: HP KAPITAL to:
KAPITAL to process and obtain relevant approvals authorizations and licenses for the establishment of a Sacco/Bank and Academy and work permits for investors where necessary;
f) Support HP KAPITAL in profiling and promoting its investments through their membership platforms (including COTU) and relevant Government and Private networks;

g) Guide and participate in the organization of future Investments by HP

Savings products
Credit products (asset Finance, working capital, education loans, leasing, mortgages etc)
• Investment Products
• Insurance

b) Mobilize resources to establish a Private Security Guards Academy which will be a Centre of excellence in providing vocational/academic training for private security Guards with the aim of professionalizing the service for deployment in both domestic and international markets.

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