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Hon NimusimuThoughts on Cane Farming

Kwale Woman leader Hon Nimusimu Mwasina shares with us her thoughts and insights on best practices to improve sugarcane farming in Kwale County

Here is what she had to say:

“Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy. Agriculture therefore has been accorded high priority by the Kenya Kwanza Government led by His Excellency President William Samoei Ruto taking into consideration that our economy is 70 percent dependent on Agriculture.

The government sets aside huge annual budget allocations for Agriculture to the Counties to boost this important sector. Moreover, Agriculture is fully devolved.
The Kwale cane growers are facing significant challenges like financial hardships and the difficulty in accessing loans and credit facilities from the Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC). It’s important that AFC minimises its bureaucratic processes for simpler loan procedures. Digitisation of the loan procedures is welcome too. This should be in line with the Government’s Pillar Number six on Digital Superhighway and creative economy.

Since most of the indigenous people in Kwale County including farmers do not have title deeds, security which is a prerequisite to secure loans becomes a nightmare. The government should ensure demarcation and issuance of land title deeds is done. Lease and purchase of land by the government is also welcome in order to expand their farming operations.

The National Irrigation Board should also work on the construction of large dams in Kwale County so that came farmers move from rain fed to irrigation agriculture. Irrigation systems shall mitigate the impact of drought and enhance sugarcane productivity.

The creation of a conducive environment for sugarcane growers will enhance sugarcane production.

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