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United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Leaders from the larger Nairobi County have come out to express their unwavering support toBesher Guyanda and other leaders noted:

  1. “The Kenya Finance Bill and the read brilliant national Budget are two big policy leaps by the government demonstrating encouragement for more young people to pursue self-employment. This is demonstrated in reduced rate of digital content monetizatio.
  2. Kenya is at the CROSS-ROAD. Cross to its failure or build on its people, good will, its potential to address the runaway public debt, high cost of living and high rate of unemployment. We know Kenya has no choice but to raise revenue to become self reliant. We support this effort and direction unlike others who want Kenya to fail.”
    “We the UDA Nairobi leaders that work at grass root level to popularize and articulate the Government’s agenda, declare our support to Kenya Kwanza government on the projected and anticipated achievements planned through the Kenya Finance Bill of 2023 and the Brilliant Budget read on Thursday 15th June 2023.

We note the genuine government efforts to put in place policies, legislations and actions that are aimed at increasing government revenue in order to implement the Kenya Kwanza promise to the people of Kenya in line with the Kenya Kwanza Manifesto.

We also note that no country can remain stagnant without reviewing its economical and social landscape and identifying emerging issues that can be utilized to improve its stakeholder’s situation.

This includes reviews on emerging capital and transactions that happen as a result of international and local innovations that increase gross sales such as digital assets proposed with a tax of 3% levy on the transfer charges applied during an exchange of the assets.

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